EagleEye Opticzooms Contax - Kyocera
Digiscoping Accessory Kit
Now available from EagleEye, a complete digiscoping package for the Contax/Kyocera digiscoper that includes all the essential digiscoping accessories. Available to fit Contax SL300RT*, Contax U4R, Kyocera SL300 and SL400 models.

So what's does it consist of?
Basically two sections, one providing a secure and METAL 37mm thread surrounding the lens section... so you can dispense with the fragile plastic offering from Contax and not have any stress put upon the plastic lens surround of the camera. This unit is clamped to the lens section of the camera body, providing a very reassuring fit. The 37mm thread will allow a corresponding EagleEye Digimount adapter to be attached (a Digimount adapter to suit your scope/eyepiece  can be included in the package, if desired)
The second part of this kit provides the digiscoper the facility to attach the cable-release (supplied) directly above the camera's shutter release button. In addition there are the two support pins to slide on the invaluable Extend-a-View Pro monitor shade/magnifier (supplied). One more nice touch is that there's a tripod socket on the underside of this section, enabling the camera to be mounted upon a tripod if so desired for any non digiscoping uses you may have for the camera.
You would think, with all this extra hardware covering such a tiny camera, that you will be unlikely to access certain vital areas.... But no. Everything has been designed to allow the user access to the vital areas. Want to change your memory card or battery, then no problem at all, the battery/card slot is fully accessible. In fact, even with the monitor shade/magnifier attached, every single button is still there to be used.
In Use:
It may look like some kind of Chinese puzzle when you first open the box, but after carefully following the instruction, everything should be pretty simple to assemble, and there's no real reason to ever take the unit off again, if digiscoping is your main purpose.

With a solid construction using Aluminium and stainless steel, there's no chance of you breaking it.

It works like a dream, there's not much more you can say about it, no fuss or time consuming fiddling in the field (during which time the bird has usually vanished).
The lens thread side of things is well designed so as to allow very little gap between camera lens and scope eyepiece, so vignetting is absolutely minimal.

My only minor gripe is with the 10inch cable-release that is supplied... I know longer cables can be a bit unwieldly but 10 inches is 8 inches too short for my own use, it's still relatively easy to tug at the camera with such a short cable, therefore defeating the object of the exercise.
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