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Laurence Poh Laurence has sadly passed away but his wonderful legacy of photos lives on.

Yves Leduc's 'Featherd Memories' Yves Leduc's highly informative website features wonderful digiscoped bird pics from Canada, as well as valuable info on technical aspects of digiscoping.

Ann Cook's 'Birds Of Manitoba' Just look at the pics!! Wonderful site showing just how good digiscoped images can look on a monitor.

Danny's Digiscoping Website  Danny's new and very comprehensive digiscoping website

Hertfordshire Fauna Group  A growing flickr group devoted to Hertfordshire Wildlife photography. If you're a Herts Wildlife photographer, please drop in and show what Hertfordshire has to offer

www.flickr.com/photos/faisca Some tremendous digiscoped photos here from Portugese sparkydigiscoping

Jersey Digiscoping Blogspot Kevin's Digiscoping Blog. Some excelent digiscoping from in and around New Jersey. 

Digiscoping Italia A new Italian digiscoping website.

Mike McDowell's Birding & Digiscoping Blog Mike has always been one of the best digiscopers. Now he has an excellent blog site with his latest birding & digiscoping exploits 

naturesboy-globalwarming.blogspot  Don't be put off by the title, this is a really good birder's blog with digiscoping thrown in as a bonus.

Steve Blain Steve's been digi/video scoping for a long time now, see his great photos on his well laid out website. Working in Ecuador these days, so plenty of exotics on show.

www.digiscopediary.co.uk  Rob Wilton's very attractively designed new website on digiscoping. Rob uses the big Olivon scope with great success. The site has a regularly updated digiscoping diary as well as tips on digiscoping and galleries.

www.naturalworld.Neateimaging.com Chris and Esther Neate's comprehensive site, featuring tips and advice on using a scope with a dslr camera as well as traditional digiscoping. Lots of excellent photos as well.

Slovenian Digiscoped Galleries Iztok Škornik's excellent digiscoped photos.

BakewellBirder AKA Simon Wilson. extensive galleries of digiscoped birds from Bakewell up in Derbyshire as well from France.

Marcel Gauthier Excellent photos from this Canadian photographer.

Alain Fosse's Digiscoped Pics Of European Birds Alain's Digiscoped pics.

Andy Holt's Digiscoping Website One of those digiscopers who picks-up the method straight away. Superb pics of some really good birds. Worth visiting for the rare sight of a digiscoped Treecreeper

Monte Gardenier Monte's photos show just what can be achieved on a limited budget. Using a Canon A50 and an old Optolyth scope, he has taken some fabulous images of birds. Also other interesting projects on view. Well worth a look at this Dutch digiscoper's website

Digitalwildlife.co.uk   Nice website with lots of birding and other wildlife info for the Hampshire area of the U.K. Richard is now offering digiscoping tuition in his area.

Graham Checkley's Photos  Grahams digiscoped photos. Graham is from Scotland and now using a dslr for his photography.

Christian Kerihuel's Website Christian's been on the digiscoping scene for a while, visit his site for some great digiscoped birds from the wonderfully bird-rich country of France

Harold Stiver New website from Harold in Canada, worth a visit because he uses the fabled Pentax ED80 scope....any questions on that scope, he's your man.

Digital-nature-photography.com Gerd Rossen's website of digiscoped birds from Germany. This guy takes some of the best pics in Europe and seems to have access to  a wonderfully bird-rich area. Not only bird photos, but wildlife and nature in general.

Miikka Kajas Excellent shots from another Finnish digiscoper, birds from other locations as well as Finland.

Phil Misseldine's Photos.Phil's excellent shots from his Ethiopian trip, lots of spectacular birds, but don't ignore the other photos that capture this amazing country so well

Digidylan.co.uk  Dylan's website, his digiscoped birds collection is growing all the time.and his animation of digiscoping is amazing.

John Moore's Digiscoping Website  John has been digiscoping for a long time and now has a website to show his work. As well as photos, there are also  d.i.y. ideas for scope adapters.

Oiseaux-Nature.com Herve Michell's website of nature photos from France.

www.cuneobirding.it Digiphotos of italian birds (including Monticola saxatilis, Ardea purpurea, Anthus pratensis, Turdus torquatus, ecc..)

Digiscoping Portugal  Ricardo's excellent website with digiscoped birds and many other images of the natural world. The English version of the site is flawless. 

Digital Nature  Excellent website covering birds & other wildlife. Dutch and English versions

Sweden Birds  Stefan Hage's website of Swedish birds, in English & Swedish.

Ypix French digiscoper with some excellent bird and general wildlife photos

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